Ghana’s Bible Week Calls for Peace, Unity & Development in Election Year - United Bible Societies

An eight-day event dedicated to sharing the good news of the Bible and its modern relevance throughout the nation of Ghana – the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) has celebrated Bible Week 2024.

Occurring between February 3-11, activities and events, as part of this year’s celebrations, included a Bible-Reading marathon, Bible Quiz challenge, live worship events, a youth forum, Bible discussion and symposium, and thanksgiving services, among others.

Bible Week Theme

The theme in 2024 was “The Bible: Guide for Peace, Unity & Development”. General Secretary for the Bible Society of Ghana, the Very Rev. Dr. John Kwesi Addo Jnr shares his insight into why this theme was chosen for this year’s Bible Week: “The Bible, in many areas, teaches the value of peaceful co-existence, unity, and development for all. As humans, our natural tendency is to provoke one conflict or another through our selfish desires, partiality, falsehood and insatiable cravings for power and wealth. Yet a transformative encounter with God’s Word establishes peace in our heart and births a peaceful attitude to life to curb these human excesses. The Bible enjoins all to “make every effort to live in peace with everyone …” Hebrews 12:14 (ESV). The task of being peaceable towards others and maintaining unity is given to none other but you and I.”

BSG describes Bible Week as a vibrant celebration inviting Christians in Ghana of all denominations to explore the transformative power of the Bible – particularly relevant this year as Ghana prepares for presidential and parliamentary elections. “…As we go to the polls this year, we must appreciate who we are in Christ first, and allow the peaceful Christlike nature of ours to dictate our behaviours before, during and after the elections. Ghana must be peaceful because of us, the people of the Bible,” the Very Rev. Dr. John Kwesi Addo Jnr adds.

As a foundation upon which all the events of the week are built, BSG seeks to encourage all Ghanaians to individually embrace the Bible’s teachings on living at peace with one another. Bibles are readily available at various churches at affordable prices.

Encouraging Regular Reading

General Secretary Kwesi Addo Jnr uses this occasion to encourage everyone to adopt the habit of regular Bible reading: “It must be understood that true peace and unity come from a heart transformed by the Word of God, for which reason, I call on all to return to serious reading and study of the Bible to purify our lives and maintain a peaceful community for everyone. Charles C. Ryrie aptly stated that; “The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it, is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.””

Mauril Koudoha, Relationship Manager for Africa, shares that Ghana’s Bible Week is an annual highlight in the region: “I always look forward to hearing about the activities which have taken place as part of Bible Week in Ghana – and 2024 is no different. Let us all heed the call to regular Bible reading, recognizing it as the pathway to true peace and unity in Ghana and throughout the rest of the world. The call to be peacemakers is not just a noble endeavour but a divine mandate.”

Anniversary in 2025

Looking ahead into the year to come and 2025, BSG will be celebrating an even more significant milestone – marking 60 years of Bible mission in September 2025. Beginning in September 2024 and continuing a full twelve months, the Council of the Society has commissioned a yearlong celebration and “…request all Churches to join in celebrating 60 years of the Bible impact”.

Mauril Koudoha adds, “Celebrating the milestone of 60 years of Bible mission in 2025, I am excited about the journey ahead and sharing of the collective impact forged over six decades of hard work, sacrifice, and God’s blessing.”

The Bible Society of Ghana was formed in 1965 by the Churches in Ghana in conjunction with the British and Foreign Bible Societies.

BSG Ministry

Currently, the Bible has been translated into 9 major Ghanaian languages, namely, Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, Ga, Mfantse, Ewe, Dagbani, Dangme, Nzema and Esahie. BSG continue their translation work into the remaining languages within the region, including Dagaare, Gurune and Bono, while revising some of the older versions. Twi and Mfantse are the most widely spoken indigenous languages in Ghana.

Bibles are distributed by BSG throughout Ghana, through a variety of distribution projects, from seven main distribution points including Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Ho, Hohoe, Tamale, Cape Coast, Sefwi Wiawso, Koforidua, Bolga and Sunyani. Additionally, there are over forty distributors spread across the country.

BSG is involved in Bible engagement and advocacy projects to assist individuals to engage with the Word of God, including Next Generation for the youth, Trauma Healing, Literacy, Children’s projects, Sign Language, Braille and Visually-impaired project, and the Peace-Keeping Bible project, among others.

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