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Bible translation

We’ve translated the entire Bible into the languages of more than half of the world’s population. That’s around 70 percent of all Bible translations that exist today. Yet there are still so many people waiting for a Bible translation in their own language, including the users of all but one of the roughly 400 sign languages around the world.

Our goal over the next 20 years is, by God’s provision, to complete 1200 translation projects, which will provide around 600 million people with access to Scripture.

Bible production and distribution

We’re constantly innovating and partnering with like-minded organisations to ensure people around the world are able to access the Bible in a format that is accessible and engaging for them.

Our Digital Bible Library® is one example of this.

Through this backend digital curation of thousands of translations, partners like YouVersion are able to make these available to audiences of more than 5.6 billion people around the world.


You can’t read the Bible if you can’t read.

Our literacy training helps around 100 000 people across the globe every year to learn basic reading and writing skills.

This helps people not only to thrive in life, but also to engage directly with Scriptures.

Bible engagement and holistic ministry

We want to remove barriers between people and their ability to interact with the Bible.

Sometimes, this looks like tailored engagement experiences or resources, which help connect the unchanging truths of the Bible with the particular context of a community.

Sometimes, it means removing the barriers holding people back from engaging with the Bible—whether that’s sending medical professionals to serve people living along the Amazon River, or providing trauma counselling to those who have experienced the horrors of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bible advocacy

Through Bible advocacy, we translate the Bible into the language of culture—offering the Scriptures in new ways for new audiences, particular to that time and place.

  • We facilitate open conversations about the value of the Bible.
  • We consider how the Bible has been significant for particular countries and languages.
  • We offer ways of thinking about the intersections of the Bible with culturally significant movements like art, education and media.

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